Wrath of the Righteous Timeline

Unknown: The Green Faith comes to the Circle of Hierophants


Age of Darkness (-5293 – -4295)


- 5293: Earthfall. The Starstone tumbles to Golarion, creating the Inner Sea and kicking off a thousand years of darkness. Azlant and Thassilon are destroyed. The elves depart Golarion via the Sovyrian Stone or retreat to the far north, the southern jungles, or the Darklands


Age of Anguish (-4294 – -3471)


- 4294: The Age of Darkness draws to a close. Humanity begins rebuilding civilization.


Age of Destiny (-3470 – -1)


- 1600: The Kellids, wiht the aid of druids of the Green Faith, defeat the frost giants of the Northmounds at the site tha twould soon ecome home of the Threshold, and eventually be the site which the Worldwound Opens.

- 632: The [[Tarrasque, greatest of the Spawn of Rovagug, destroys Ninshabur and devastates Avistan until it is defeated and sealed away in a hidden cavern.


Age of Enthronement (1 – 4605)


1: Aroden, the Last Azlanti, raises the Starstone from the depths of the Inner Sea and becomes a living god. Absalom is founded.

2632: The elves return en masse to Golarion via the Sovyrian Stone in Kyonin.

3672: The rise of Sarkoris, Iz is founded on the site of ancient frost giant ruins.

3844: Storasta is founded.

4012: Undarin is founded.

4172: Domora Hume summons Dyzad from the depths of Hume’s Pool, becoming the first god caller.

4217: The daemon Ommors arrives in Delvegate.

4256: Dyinglight is founded.

4303: Arkilan Blackearth II dies at his own hand after the loss of his wife.

4406: The cult of Deskari first rises in Northmounds.

4416: The Balemoon Clan defeats the cult of Ommors.

4433: Aroden defeats Deskari’s avatar, driving the demon’s cult into the Lake of Mists and Veils, making the Northmounds safe.

4598: Areelu Vorlesh is captured and imprisoned in the Threshold.

4600: Areelu Vorlesh leads a rebellion in Threshold after she contacts Deskari. countless portals open in Threshold.

4601: Queen Gaffrey takes the crown in Mendev

4602: Areelu seizes full control of Threshold.

4605: Areelu’s influence spreads through the high cairns surrounding Threshold.


Age of Lost Omens (4606 – Present)


4606: Aroden dies, leaving the Empire of Cheliax without a divine mandate. The Eye of Abendego forms off of Garund’s northwestern coast, drowning the nations of Lirgen and Yamasa. Areelu and Deskari, working from both sides of reality, open the Worldwound, consuming the barbarian kingdom of Sarkoris. Storms wrack the Inner Sea for several weeks. Iz is destroyed, Demons spread into the Northmounds.

4607: The siege of Pulura’s Fall begins; Dyinglight evacuates

4608: Demons begin attacking Mendev and lowland Sarkoris.

4609: The House of Reflections sinks into the depths of the First Rains.

4610: Areelu Vorlesh invades Widowknife Clanhold and discovers the final steps of a ritual to transform herself into a half-succubus.

4615: Fiendish marsh giants claim Dyinglight.

4617: Deskari unleashes Shaorhaz upon the forest of Stones.

4618: The Church of Iomadae begins to rally the First Crusade.

4619: Demonic necromancers raise the dead of the lake below Pulura’s Fall; the dead turn on the necromancers.

4620: The Preservers of Notions petrify the Living Library to protect its secrets from Shaoraz’s armies.

4621: The druids of the Forest of Stones petrify the remainig trees and become undead siabraes rather than allowing their secrets to fall into Shaorhaz’s clutches.

4622: The faltering Church of Aroden launches the first Mendevian Crusade

4625: Shaorhaz constructs Greengrave Keep from druidic megaliths.

4628: Drezen is founded.

4630: The first Crusade ends; the crusaders drive the demons from Mendev and lowland Sarkoris back to the Wounded lands.

4634: Fiendish Werewolves capture the village of Moonglade.

4636: A second wave of demons emerges from the Worldwound.

4638: Drezen falls to the marilith Aponavicius, triggering the start of the Second Crusade.

4639: Crusaders abandon Storasta to the demons and erect wardstones in a desperate attempt to contain the fiends.

4644: The last remnant of Sarkoris, the city of Storasta, falls—its defeat is immortalized in “The Song of Sarkoris”; refugees fleeing from Storasta nearly overwhelm Gundrun, and then flood the Ustalavic border, sparking the Demonskin war (also called the Bloodwar Betrayls).

4645: The Second Crusade ends with the loss of Sarkoris, but is successful in halting the demon army’s advance.

4646: The last rebels abandon Gundrun; it becomes a ghost town.

4665: The Third Mendevian Crusade Begins with a violent “witch burning” in Kenebres that taints public perception of the Church of Iomedae.

4667: Members of native clans returned to their homeland to reclaim Gundrun.

4668: The Third Crusade ends in shame with very little effect on the demons.

4679: Ferren O’Cyrus is born.

4684: Corksberg Keep is selected as a defensive location for the Demonscope—a dangerous relic recovered by the paladin Clydwell; when Clydwell sacrifices himself to keep the Balor Goriath imprisioned within the artifact, the Church of Iomedae elevates Clydwell to sainthood, renames the keep in his honor, and founds the Order of the Holy Sentinels to guard the dangerous artifact.

4689: Yealek-Vor discovers the lost sky citadel of Jormurdun.

4691: Minagho takes control of Raliscrad

4692: Khorramzadeh the Storm King attacks Kenabres and cracks the wardstone there, but is forced to abandon the attack after the silver dragon Terendelev nearly kills him; the Fourth crusade begins as a result of the near-disaster.

4696: Salome is born in Mendev.

4698: The Hanging Tower appears in the northwestern Wounded Lands

4702: The Brotherhood of Tala is founded in Mendev.

4704: The Seraptis Jaalika invades and seizes control of the Blackearth Cairn.

4707: The Fourth Crusade ends as resources grow scarce and the will to continue the hopeless-looking war dwindles; the Brotherhood of Tala crafts the Orb of Tala.

4708: A paladin of the Order of the Holy Sentinels named Holton Albright is decieved by a demon disguised as an angel in believing that Saint Clydwell’s spirit is trapped in the Demonscope and that Holton should release it. A band of adventurers manages to prevent the fallen paladin’s actions from releasing the balor Goriath; in the battle, Goriath is banished from the Demonscope back to the Abyss, rendering the artifact inert.

4709: [[Aucinda Fermender becomes trapped in the Hanging Tower; Isilda betrays the Brotherhood of Tala.

4710: The shadow demon Alulasavi and her followers capture Sabertooth Vale; Yath rises from the Abyss; the frequency of Demon attacks along the Mendevian border increases significantly.

4711: The Tower of Yath is destroyed before it can release a new army of demons from the Abyss into the Worldwound; the Silver Crusade establishes itself in Nerosyan and swiftly gains fame for its actions against the Worldwound.

4712: The decorated paladin Staunton Vhane of Kenabres is revealed to be an agent of the cult of Baphomet by a woman named Irabeth; Vhane flees Kenabres before he can be captured and is now believed to be serving Aponavicius in Drezen.

4713: Current Year; Kenabres is Attacked; The Fifth Crusade begins.

Wrath of the Righteous Timeline

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