Xanthir Vang

The infamous worm that works aka Latest asshole we need to kill



Addressed the group as Dolgin was saved and the possessed townspeople failed to grab Mytho for whatever purpose. Releasing his hold though a black mist from the people, addressing to check on Drezen as a warning of an impending attack.But his curse still has a terrible grip on his villagers to be paralyzed in their own bodies. Xanthir Vang lived up to his threat unveiling a terrible arcane weapon that delivered a terrible strike on the city of Drezen killing hundreds.

*Despite being mythic; Mytho is terrified of this guy having witnessed his ‘work’ from afar during his duties as a cultist among MANY, MANY other things.Actually he’s not from nor apart of the cult of Deskari.

*Xanthir was Known to be ‘above’ such trifle things such as war with mortals but what he is doing is definitely disturbing.

*Not much is known for dealing with a worm that walks besides have a handy smite onhand and the creation of such a being is out of a dark soul of a spellcaster.

Xanthir Vang

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