Dustnite's Wrath of the Righteous

Session 17 - The Purifier's End

The mad bird's reign was ended by a single bolt

"The air was electric…literally…"

  • Memoirs of the Great Sage and Eminent Alchemist Willie Nelson

The Purifier, filled with rage at losing his playthings, brought its massive body to bear down on our battered and disheveled party. Bardas quietly silenced his nagging thoughts, "This is where I die, I can't let this creature live…" and brought his sword shield against the creature. Daven remained in the stands in order to rain down a hail of bolts into the Purifier's exposed flank while the rest of the party circled the foul demon.

The fight wore on until dusk settled across the sky with the entire party on the verge of death. The purifier began to dance, an unsettling smile creeping into the corners of its malformed beak, and the air began to crackle with power and magic. The party dove for cover as a wave of electricity washed over them nearly killing Bardas and even damaging Daven a hundred feet away!

The Purifier, exhausted, dropped to one knee with disbelief in his eyes that his final attack did not remove these "unbelievers" from the mortal coil as Daven leveled one bolt between its eyes. The Purifier fell and vanished back to the Abyss, leaving an even more battered party cheering and ecstatic to be alive.

The party quickly collected their belongings and made their way back out of the "arena" to find 60-70 commoners wandering around the market confused and established a makeshift parade that marched silently back to the Defender's Heart. Upon arriving at Defender's Heart with no further incidents, cheers rose from the inn and the camps beyond as the party arrived with their fellow citizens in tow. Men, women, and children rushed to their loved ones and more cheers arose as some families were reunited once again as the quartermaster busily tried to inspect the newcomers and go to the needs of the injured and maimed. Garret and the others that had been badly mauled were sent to the chirurgeon's tent along with the child's mother, her child clinging desperately to her body as they were carried away.

The quartermaster brought the party to rooms reserved for them in the inn and let them rest briefly before returning with word that Commander Irabeth wished to speak with them. Leaving their arms and armor in the rooms, they went to one of the back areas of the inn to find a small desk with maps, scrolls, and drawings spread out and several people gathered closely arguing…


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