Dustnite's Wrath of the Righteous

Session 16 - The Purifier's Offer

Daven's finest moment in the most dire of times.

"The gigantic vulture that called himself "The Purifier" had ensorcelled the citizens of Kenabres and forced them to cheer and applaud the slaughtering of their own. If not for our heroes, the Kenabres Amphitheater would have run awash in blood…"

  • Memoirs of the Great Sage and Eminent Alchemist Willie Nelson

The party made their way to the upper level to find the amphitheater converted into some type of gladiatorial arena. Blood stained the dirt and walls and the roar of the crowd at the site of heroes drowned out even their most deepest thoughts. Suddenly, a large shadow appeared on the ground followed by the scream of a fiendish looking creature; a large gangly creature with wings, his body appearing humanoid with the head of a vulture.

The creature turned toward them at exclaimed, "I expected an army from the last remnants of this ruined city, but I see that my trust in these, human filth was misplaced. No matter, you are just in time for the main event!

The crowd roared at his gloating, seemingly onboard with this display of violence and horror. Daven noticed several figures in the crowd, but not clearly. They looked like imps.

"Look at this crowd! So easily turned from the path of cowards and now they lust for blood in my new arena… Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself… You may call me the Purifier.. As you can see, the sheep of this doomed city sit all around you and they are waiting with bated breath for the next battle. Since you've been so kind to offer yourselves up as the next combatants I'll make you a deal…"

The party held tightly to their weapons and prepared for an attack.

"Defeat my champions one on one, battle them to the death, and I will let you leave with your lives and the lives of these meat sacks for at least another day. Refuse….and my friends will have their fun…"

The party looked about and saw where he was pointing; several imp-like creatures grasping something tightly in their claws were dispersed through the crowd. Fearing retaliation from the imps and suspecting some type of spell at play, the party agreed to take on their champions…

Daven chose to fight first and from the other side of the "arena" came an elven archer with glowing red eyes. Daven was taken by surprise as an arrow flew past his head, realizing that the battle had commenced. However, Daven made short work of the archer with his new found confidence in his crossbow and quickly dispatched his foe and rejoined his compatriots.

The party noticed during the fight that the Purifier's eyes were glazing over and drool dripped from his monstrous beak, reveling in the slaughter. Daven noted this particularly…

Bardas chose to fight next and from the other side of the arena came a monstrous creature with blade like claws. Recognizing it as a Babau demon. The Purifier resumed his gazing at the battle as the two locked sword and claw, which Daven took as an opportunity to sneak up into the stands with the crowds and possibly remove the threat of the imps. A quick shot into the nearest imp led him to discover that the creature's focus was so intent on controlling the crowd, it did not notice anything externally happening with its body. Making short work of one of the imps, Daven noticed a small bull's head fall to the ground and it's red eyes dim to black and made the connection that these idols were causing the crowd to become docile and controlled. A section of the crowd began to get up and start to panic, but Daven was able to quickly calm them down and sit still. Sensing the danger they were in, the crowd began to sit back down and watch on nervously awaiting their chance for escape.

Bardas struggled against the demon, still hurt from the last battle, but Glim was able to distract the demon long enough for Bardas to land a killing blow. Exhausted, he stepped back near his compatriots while being disgusted with the Purifier's hungry gaze.

Balin went next and fought an Incubus demon, but made short work of the creature with his mighty glaive Shelyn's Chosen. Daven continued to work his way around the arena killing the imps and releasing the crowd from the magic's control.

Mytho took the next fight, not certain he could make it out of there alive, and fought a small imp-like creature that smelled of disease and rot. Before the final blow could be struck on the creature, Daven killed the last imp in the crowd from across the arena (nearly being discovered in the process by the Purifier) and was unable to calm the crowd down from so far away. The crowd rose and panicked causing the rest of the audience to scatter to nearest exit.

The Purifier, finally realizing what had happened, roared and turned to face our adventurers…


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