Dustnite's Wrath of the Righteous

Session 13/14 - The numbers be damned...we're going in!

Why do we even bother making plans?

"The sounds of battle echoed through the cavernous emptiness of the city's buildings as our heroes approached the Kenabres Amphitheater. A service entrance emblazoned with standards of the Order of the Flaming Lance was opened wide like a giant maw devouring greedily devoured any soul it could find. Cultist guards were busy delivering prisoners for some unknown purpose and did not notice the brave few that had just entered the area…"

  • Memoirs of the Great Sage and Eminent Alchemist Willie Nelson

The party made their way to Topaz Solutions to follow up on the last of their leads on possible cultist safehouses coming up to a short, stock warehouse unassuming in appearance compared to the rest of the business quarter. Glim knocked on the door and gave the password they had learned from Hosilla's note. After waiting an indeterminate time with no response, the party broke in to find several looters preparing to attack them!

The looters tried to force the party out with their superior numbers, but the fight was quickly beat out of them with Balin's decisive strike on one of the ruffians. The party questioned them on their purpose and their destination, but learned nothing more than they already knew.

Discovering a secret entrance in the cultist hideout, the party made their way to a basement and discovered tables and desks in total disarray. A chest proved a tempting target for Glim and as he approached it a voice spoke that seemed to come from everywhere all at once, "Ahh … I hope you are among Iomedae's slaves … I would hate to think of mere peasants wasting such a personal greeting from Lord Baphomet!" Released from their magical prison, several fungus-like creatures appeared and attacked the party on the spot. The plant creatures, seemingly without purpose, lead the party underneath a statue with it's arm raised above a glass bottle on the floor and soon after the fight began a mechanism within the statue clicked and the arm smashed the bottle open wide.

The gas' effect proved to be positive and granted Glim and Bardas darkvision temporarily while Balin's vision merely blurred for a second and refocused. Dispatching the plants with ease, the party found nothing in the chest and no clues toward the cultist activity in the city; another dead end…

Deciding to push on to the Amphitheater, the party picked their way through the city streets and suddenly stopped dead in the their tracks as a blood curdling scream rang through the city proper followed by a low growl. Fearing the worst for one of Kenabres' survivors, the party searched every building they could and could not find the source of the scream. Glim quickly acted by causing as much noise as possible in a attempt to draw the creature that made the growl and succeeded at drawing the attention of a goat-headed demon. Glim and Mytho held the creature at bay as the rest of the party made their way to join their comrades and quickly dispatched the foul beast.

A little girl exited the house she was hiding in sobbing uncontrollably asking for her mother. She latched onto Mytho's tunic and tried to describe who her "mommy" was but the description was vague at best. Fearing that the mother might be taken to where the rest of the prisoners might be, they continued on to the Amphitheater.

The sounds of crowds roaring and swords clashing filled their ears as the party approached the eastern side of the Amphitheater large façade. Standards hung from the walls displaying the symbol of the Order of the Flaming Lance, black field with red symbol. Several cultist stood guard around the city square they had entered and a couple demons were patrolling nearby driving the party to hide themselves and their charge as quickly as possible.

Seeing the overwhelming numbers, Glim thought he could subdue one of the patrols and work their way inside but his attack glanced off the creatures hide and the roar it released brought the entire defense on their heads. This was going to be a long day….


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