Dustnite's Wrath of the Righteous

Session 12: How many cultists are we allowing in this party?

Meet Mytho Sullivan, ex-cultist of Deskeri. Please don't kill him

"Our heroes, rested from their travails, carried on with the mission handed down from the commander of the remaining crusaders. Balin, atop a fine warhorse, rode the streets with no fear in his breast as he sought out his missing friend…"

  • Memoirs of the Great Sage and Eminent Alchemist Willie Nelson

The party met with Irabeth after she had conversed in great detail with Anevia about how the adventurers kept her safe and urged Bardas to follow his oath and help her discover the source of the cultist activity in the city and discover their plans (or a weakness) so that they might strike back at the enemy. Bardas agreed, albeit sullenly, to follow up on the note from S.V. and search the other cultist safehouses. Balin and Daven both agreed in short order, while Glim made it clear that he was not under anyone's command and his time was his own to give and would give for the time being.

Upon agreeing to help Irabeth, Balin was able to negotiate the use of a mule and cart to take with them to carry anymore prisoners they might acquire on their quest. Balin decided that the mule would make a fine steed, and proceeded to ride the mule down the city's causeways toward their next destination. The party followed up on the information they gathered from the woman they saved from the fallen crusaders and made their way toward the Tower of Estrod. The tower, which once towered far above the skyline of Kenabres, was now reduced to a few stories amid the rubble of its upper echelons.

Balin, having dismounted from the obviously flagged mule still dragging it's cart, strode up to two guards standing in the entranceway to the tower and was immediately confronted. Balin stammered for a response, but it was Glim who remembered the password from Hosilla's note and they were quickly inside without incident. Bardas and Daven tried to keep to the back not drawing attention to themselves, while Balin and Glim took the lead working their way up the levels of the tower.

On the second floor, the party made their way to a small office but were suddenly distracted by a gust of wind and the door slamming behind them and being locked. A tall but slight elf, possibly young by elf standards and wearing cultist robes of Deskari, appeared suddenly and started questioning the party. Seething with rage at the loss of his beloved, Bardas tried to strangle the young elf wearing the same garb that her murderers were wearing but the elf managed to move quickly out of the way. Balin and Glim managed to defuse the situation and the elf introduced himself as Mytho, a former cultist looking to escape the city while his superiors were distracted.

Opting to keep Mytho "on a short leash", the party continued up the ruined tower's stairs to confront the supposed leader of the cultist activity in the city and came face to face with an imposing tiefling. The tiefling, Faxon, demanded they report on the latest activity in the city to which Glim responded with graceful diplomacy and Balin responded with stuttering utterances. Sensing something wrong with the way Faxon was focusing on Balin, Mytho cast a ghost sound behind Faxon to simulate a battle which brought the whole tower complement down upon the party.

The party had no trouble defeating the denizens of the tower and discovered a note about potential plans for the wardstone in Kenabres and something about "Nahyndrian crystals". Perhaps with dire portent brewing in their minds, the party quickly made their way back to the Defender's Heart to share their findings with Irabeth and the Eagle Watch.


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