Dustnite's Wrath of the Righteous

Book 3, Session 5: No rest for the wicked

The heroes learned a hard lesson.

"The Tragedy of North Bank; five hundred innocent souls were sent to Pharasma that day. None of us expected the enemy to create a magical weapon of mass destruction, especially of such malevolence in such short time. Could it had been prevented? Perhaps. But may I remind you that the knights of Kenebres with all of their mythical strength and magic, they are still mortal at heart. Alas Xanthir Vang has proven to be an intelligent and frightful foe than the likes they had faced."

—Memoirs of the Great Sage and Eminent Alchemist Willie Nelson

Returning back to Drezen with great effort from Xaremon; the group needed to rest especially for the Wizard in hopes of gathering information of what they had learned and from the hardship of their recent mission. Bardas attended to his duties as Commander. Dolgin was given a major debriefing from Irabeth afterward the dwarf familiarized himself back to city-life and helping the refugees. Meanwhile, Mytho was greatly disturbed at the presence of Xanthir Vang known to be extremely powerful as few dared to challenged his might, not without paying for their lives and with the memory of the chanting ritual of the possessed townsfolk was enough for the magus to seek answers with Aravashnial. Worse, Mytho's mark had grown now straining his left hand in blackness which none had any explanation. Mytho had not felt any negative efforts as of yet when inquiring to Aravashnial if he should tell the truth of his affliction. The elf spoke that it would be a poor idea especially given the temperamental paladin. The black blade was enough of a shock for Bardas.

Daven wanting to learn more of the letter from his father; he sought assistance using what remained of the archives with one of Aravshnial's assistance within in.

After much thought; Mytho inquired Daven asking to borrow the marked bolt; he'd promised Mytho so long ago. Thanking the crossbowmen, Mytho left with the bolt and went to Xaremon when he'd returned to help create an Greater Slayer Arrow. But this one is not meant for the demons. The elf slipped a note around the bolt. 

"This bolt is for those who betray our trust to those who harmed me. Those were your words, Daven. This arrow represents that promise and our bond. This is an arrow of Greater arrow of Elven slaying.

 Use this against my uncle and whom I once called father. I loved him 
but.. now I fear he still has a hold over me. If the worse comes to worse and if I am beyond saving. End me. This is terrible of me to ask of you. But I know you will make the right call, Daven. You always had.

-Love Mytho"

Mytho refused to elaborate further. 


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