Dustnite's Wrath of the Righteous

Session 0: Magical Oranges, Bluffing, and the Abyss - 6/17/15
The Beginning of the End

For several weeks, excitement has been building in Kenabres for the Armasse festival. Traditionally an opportunity for scholars and priests to come together to study the lessons of history from wars past, since Aroden's death, this holy day has become more about training commoners in weaponry, choosing squires, and ordaining new priests. Over time, Armasse has grown to encompass jousting competitions, mock duels, battle reenactments, and other festival events. In Kenabres, the festival is eagerly anticipated, for it provides distractions from the horrors of being on the front line of the war. Smiles on faces normally marred by downcast eyes and furrowed brows do wonders for city morale in the weeks leading up to the event.

The morning of the festival we came upon a group of recruits getting instructions from a bellicose Lieutenant Doyle. The Lieutenant picked volunteers from the gathering and picked Bardas Syros and Daven Firesbreath for an impromptu wrestling match. Bardas is a tall, muscular man covered in plate armor while Daven is a tall, lanky and lithe young man that appears to be fairly weak in constitution. Bardas traveled here with a young, beautiful woman whose name we have not discovered yet while Daven appears to have traveled alone.

It was no contest when Bardas quickly subdued Daven by pinning him to the ground by stepping on his chest and he was awarded a masterwork backpack, which he promptly gave to one of the other recruits. Daven was offered help by one of the other recruits, which Daven ignored but thanked him later after the fight was over. Bardas, the woman, Daven, and the helpful recruit all left for Clydwell Plaza to witness the start of the festival.

Across the city, a dwarf named Balin Gorinsson was sitting with his friend Gerrald in one of the seedier taverns in the city. Balin noticed a strange looking woman (read noble looking woman in a seedy tavern) was sitting behind him staring at him with a smile on her face. Balin attempted to ask her politely if he could help her with something and gave her one of his carved songbirds. She accepted it with a mirthful smile but said nothing. Balin returned to his friend's table and turned back around to see she had disappeared. Gerrald bid him farewell and left for the plaza, suggesting that Balin visit the temple of Shelyn to pay homage to his goddess. Balin paid his respect by tithing at the altar of Shelyn noticing out of the corner of his eyes that the statue on the dais of Shelyn glowed briefly while the eyes looked directly at him, however looking directly at the statue reveals nothing strange about a normal looking statue. Balin left to go to the plaza to join his friend Gerrald.

Nearby outside the cathedral, another adventurer named Kaey on a mission from another part of Mendev was perusing the market stalls out in the square. Stopping at a food stall, a merchant sells him an apple for 5cp and clearly sees some more money making opportunities. He offers Kaey a magical orange for 1sp, which Kaey declines, then "lowers" his price to 20cp which Kaey thinks (through a failed check) is a really good deal. Having paid twice as much for a "magical orange" he notices a heavily armed dwarf exit the nearby temple and start toward the south of the city. Kaey decides to trail the dwarf stealthily and continues south toward the inner city as well.

Balin (being followed by Kaey unknowingly) is suddenly accosted by several ruffians form a backalley that attempt to mug Balin for his possessions. Kaey disguises his voice to make them all think that guards are coming down the road toward them causing all but one to run back down the alley. Balin attempts to dissuade the ruffian from attempting something stupid, however he is unsuccessful. Kaey comes up behind him and manages to scare the ruffian into fleeing with his friends as well. Balin thanks Kaey and they continue to Clydwell Plaza.

Finding an empty space in the crowd, Kaey and Balin meet up with Bardas and Daven and wait for Lord Hulrun to speak to begin the festivities. The woman who knew Bardas kissed him and went to the market for something to eat while the helpful recruit that tried to help Daven earlier greeted everyone with a smile and a handshake. Lord Hulrun then began to speak…

As Lord Hulrun was commencing the blessing for the festival and the crowd gathering in Clydwell Plaza quieted, a bright light shone from the west as if the sun were rising from the wrong direction. Hulrun's shadow fell huge and distorted across the cathedral's facade. A moment later, the sound of a thunderous explosion ripped through the air and earth, along with a violent tremor.

To the west, a giant plume of fire, lightning, and smoke erupted into the heavens. A moment later, a powerful roar accompanied a welcome sight rising from the crowd – Kenabres' greatest guardian, the ancient silver dragon Terendelev, who had until that moment been attending the opening ceremony disguised as a human. Another form appeared as nightmarish as the dragon was breathtaking, a humanoid shape three times larger than a man: a balor lord!

The creature's identity was immediately obvious to some, but not the party. What is certain is that demons were attacking the city! 

As the ground continued to shake and disgorge demons into the streets, the dragon and the balor lord clashed above. The fight was over in a few harrowing moments as the balor cut deep into Terendelev's body, swooping down to strike the dragon and arresting her charge. A few more blows and the titanic duo spiraled down the crowd with a thunderous crash on top of Lord Hulrun.

The sight of the dragon smashing into the facade of the Cathedral of St. Clydwell is one no witness would ever forget. At that moment, a titanic demon erupted at the far end of the plaza, reducing several buildings to ruins as it smashed into this world. The rift it created shot across the plaza, and this time there was no escape – it opened below the party's feet and everyone began to fall. 

Even as you fell, the dragon noticed your plight. Though she saw death standing over her, she seized this final chance to save a few more souls. The dragon pointed one bloody talon toward the party's direction as they fell into the abyss. The last thing the party sees as they fall away is the sword of the Balor lord cleaving full through her neck and the rift slams shut as the party falls away into darkness…

Session 1: Kaey Gets Roached and the Survivors try to Survive the Underground Caverns
A blind elf, A ranger with a busted leg and an asshole of a noble. What could go wrong?

The party awakened in darkness with sounds of low moaning emanating from nearby. The area was pitch black and the area felt fairly chilly. As the ringing in their ears cleared from the fall you sustained, the party quickly checks their bodies for external wounds and find none. The recent memory seeing the pitched battle between the guardian of Kenabres and the demon lord had everyone concerned but the more immediate problem was caring for the injured or dead and assessing the situation.

Daven was the first to wake up and proceeded to wake the rest of the party after their fall into the ground. The party appeared uninjured, however several other people were not so lucky as the fell into the same rift from the surface. The party discovered a few survivors and several victims of the demon attack: Anevia; a dark haired woman with a grim determined look on her face, Aravashnial; a silver-haired elf whose face has been horrifically scarred from the balor's whip, and Horgus; a pompous old noble who appeared to have only a few scrapes.

Balin and Kaey fashioned a splint for Anevia's broken leg and successfully set her bone back in place.
Horgus immediately tried to demand the party leave behind the "cripples" and move forward to get back to the surface. Bardas was able to successfully talk him down before he did anything stupid or try to leave the party on his own. Aravashnial's face was bandaged with some water and clean cloth and he was healed by Balin and he quickly tried to assert command over the group in order to assess the situation.

While the others were burying the dead with rubble, Kaey scouted just outside their immediate area to discover a dead spider nearby. Lighting a torch, he draws the attention of two giant maggots that were feeding on the corpse of the dead spider and he bravely runs from the danger. Daven, being on watch, didn't notice a thing but the rest of the party heard the commotion and came to Kaey's aid. Bardas made short work of the maggots and the party finished burying the dead. A prayer to Shelyn from Balin for the dead and the party left going east to try and find a way out of the caverns.

Kaey scouted ahead and chose a branch in the caverns to the right and brought the party with them with the survivors being surrounded by the healthier members of the party. Kaey came upon a dead campfire that he mistook for a person and tried to sneak closer to it,
however two giant cockroaches appeared behind him and cut him off from the rest of the party that was waiting in the tunnels behind him. As Kaey bravely ran away yet again, he took several bites from the cockroaches and eventually succumbed to his wounds. Daven was able to drag Kaey away safely and he was stabilized and healed by Balin. Searching the old campsite they found the following: a torn bedroll, three candle stubs (each can burn for 30 minutes),a bent fishhook, 10 feet of badly frayed hemp rope, and a copper brooch depicting a bat perched on a mushroom and both of the bat's eyes are tiny amethysts.

The survivors requiring rest to mend and after Kaey's ordeal, the party decided to rest in the old campsite for now so they can renew their trek through the dangerous caverns.

Session 2: Disturbing the Dead, Kaey Almost Dies (Again)
This is why you never split the party.

Our party continued their trek through the caverns after resting for 8 hours near the dead campfire they found. Anevia tried putting weight on her leg and she found she could stand on it for brief periods of time, but walking still required a crutch. Aravashnial was still pretty banged up and Horgus was his usual cheery self. Kaey was able to identify a recent cave in toward the south end of the cave and the party was able to move some rubble to enter another section of cave. While inside the caved in area, Horgus demanded a nobleman's blade so that he might show the party how to be a true warrior. The party did not seem too pleased with his attitude and it quickly led to Horgus trying to leave the area again to venture off on his own. With a quick wit, Ballin was able to talk him out of leaving again and he seems to have become a little less hostile. Horgus has promised a substantial gold reward for getting him to the surface safely to all of the party

Rounding a corner in the caved-in area, the party discovered a shrine dedicated to the first crusaders of Mendev. Upon disturbing a skeleton atop the shrine, several skeletons rose from their resting places and came toward everyone with a mad glean in their white, bone faces. Anevia and Aravashnial saw(or heard) the plight they were in and decided to help the best they could, however Horgus did not feel he could contribute without a weapon. With a few acrobatic moves through the crowd of bone and body, Kaey was able to assist the others with landing their attacks while almost dying (again) under their onslaught. Daven felt he could do no wrong with his crossbow, yet that is what he did anyways. Balin and Bardas carried the way through with their mighty prowess and the threat was eliminated. Horgus entered the shrine soon after exclaiming "WE WON!" and caught his eye on a silver locket that was around the skeleton's neck that was pushed from the shrine. He identified it's make as something recently made which did not belong in the same era the shrine seemed to be from.

Kaey was able to steal the locket from Horgus' pocket and asked Horgus why he took that locket. Horgus begrudgingly told them that the locket's make did not match the timeframe that this shrine was dedicated to, meaning someone had recently placed that locket there. Aravashnial recounted a legend that after the First Crusade a group of crusaders who had become infected with Abyssal energies fled into these caverns to raise their deformed children in peace, and that their descendants live on today in the tunnels below the city. Horgus called them the "mole people" and Aravashnial seems absolutely fascinated by this turn of events.

After a brief respite, the party continued their trek…

Session 3: Rumble in the Temple (Kaey Doesn't Die This Time)
Just another day in the underground

Our party left the shrine of the first crusaders and continued to make their way through the Kenabres Underground. Kaey scouted ahead and found a campsite that was only 4 days old but found no indication of the people or person who set up camp there. They must have left in a hurry because they left a serviceable medium tent, which Kaey recovered. Scouting down another tunnel which seemed familiar to him, he turned around and was confronted by a cave viper, injured and threatened by the person that disturbed its nest. Kaey bravely ran away from the viper toward the rest of the party, conveniently forgetting his signal whistle to call the others, and Daven quickly dispatched the snake with a well-placed bolt.

The party left the main cavern and found a winding route into the deeper cavern that will hopefully take them back to the surface. Coming upon another large cavern, the party encountered a large 20' tall building in the center of a 30' high cave which Bardas identified as a Temple to Torag that had fallen into disarray and appeared abandoned. Kaey managed to disturb another creature of the caves as a giant fly descended from atop the temple where it made it's nest. Kaey bravely fled from the area and Daven was able to put down that creature in short order. 

The party decided to enter the temple to see why it was abandoned and was able to enter the antechamber where they discovered a small room with a stone bench and stone basin with some clean looking water. Anevia voiced her discomfort on walking with her bad leg and sat down on the bench which angered Horgus to no end. Horgus tried to imply that Anevia was slowing them all down and that the party should leave her behind, but thanks Daven and Bardas they were able to quickly defuse the situation and comfort Anevia as she silently sobbed. Anevia told the party that she was worried about her wife Irabeth still on the surface and possibly defending against the demon attack. Bardas told her they would get back to the surface no matter what, which emboldened Anevia to action. Searching the antechamber, Anevia found a hidden depression under the basin that caused the main temple door to slide open and the party ventured inside.

Inside the temple, the party found an old man sitting on one of the ruined stone benches in front of a grimy, aged statue of Torag. Bardas pinpointed that a strong evil presence was centered around the old man and they were able to prepare for a fight in case of trouble. However, they could not be certain that the old man himself was evil so Bardas and Balin decided to approach him and ask him if he needed aid. The man in the robe disappeared and in his place appeared a robed skeleton that struck Balin and dropped him to the floor. Bardas struck down the robed skeleton with Iomadae's holy fury and made quick work of the creature and they were left in silence.

The session ended with everyone recovering from their wounds and searching around the room….

Session 4: A Tight Squeeze and the Mad Wizard
Deeper down the Rabbit hole. Mad Wizards and Mole-folk.

The party regrouped after taking on a robed skeleton in the Temple of Torag and found a few items that Kaey quickly pocketed. Balin tried to remember a prayer to Torag in an attempt to let Torag know that his temple was cleansed of evil, but couldn't remember a ritual that the god would recognize. Kaey tried just mumbling "Klaatu, Verata, Nikto" and surprisingly nothing happened either. The party decided that they couldn't do much else in cleansing the temple so they continued their trek through the tunnels.

The next section of caves had the party checking in all directions for more monsters, reinforced by the site of a large pile of animal bones. Kaey, whom is usually sneaky, stubbed his toe on a rock on the cave floor and the sound it made echoed deep into the caves. Moving as a party this time, they came upon a relief of the First Crusaders dug into the side of the cave wall perking the interest of Aravashnial. He exclaimed, "This must be the work of the children of the First Crusaders…the mole people…" Hopeful that they might be going the right direction to exit these caves and get back to the surface, the party continued on through a narrow gap of tunnels. At a blind corner at the end of the tunnel, the party loudly blundered into a fight with two squid like creatures!

Balin was latched onto by one of the squid-like creatures which squeezed him unconscious, leaving the rest of the party to quickly dispatch the creatures. Unknowingly, this alerted a mad wizard whom had been resting in the next area and was preparing for them to come deeper into his caves. The party was greeted with a shrieking mad dwarf that immediately started to attack, railing a magic missile into Balin's body soon after his recovery. The wizard, seeing himself surrounded and outnumbered, attempted to run deeper into the caverns was stopped by the tactical movement of the party and was knocked out before he could quaff his invisibility potion.

The party tied up the wizard and was discussing whether to rest or move forward as the session ended for the night….

Session 5: That's a lot of NPCs...
Meet the mongrelmen

 Having secured the mad dwarf and strapped to Bardas' back, the party continued down the cavern tunnels until they came upon a 45 degree incline. Excited with finally going the right direction toward the surface, the party surged forward with new hopes in their hearts. While scouting ahead in the next section of caves, Kaey happened upon two humanoids attempting to free another creature from beneath a rock pile. A man, with half of his face mottled in scales and a single goat horn sprouting from the side of his head, approached him asking if he was "Friend or Foe" to which Kaey replied diplomatically. The man introduced himself as Lann and asked if Kaey would help him move the debris off his fallen comrade without crushing him, however he was unsure of Kaey's ability to life anything not to mention a huge stone.

Kaey, feeling slighted, decided to not to call the rest of the party over and surprised everyone with a great feat of strength and Lann humbly apologized to his new found acquaintance. Once the rest of the party joined up with the the creatures, Lann explained that he would lead them to their village elder of the "mongrelmen" and that he could grant them access back to the surface of Kenabres. Aravashnial, excited by proving one of his conspiracy theories true, exclaimed "THE MOLE PEOPLE ARE REAL!" which prompted angry stares from Lann and mongrelmen. The rest of the party looked chagrined and talked down Aravashnial from angering the mongrelmen further. 

Following Lann, the party came upon a pile of green moss that draped two bodies which caused the mongrelmen to gasp out the words in a whisper, "Spore Cougher!". The party cautiously approached the green moss-like creature and discovered that it was dead and the two bodies on the ground must of died fighting it. Both dead men were dressed as crusaders of Iomedae, yet they wielded glaives and a spiked gauntlet (not the traditional weapon of choice for followers of Iomedae. One of the men clutched tightly on a small, brass bull's head with tiny red gemstone eyes, which Balin identified as a symbol of Baphomet. Aravashnial had heard of a cult of Baphomet that was working inside the city to undermine Kenabres' defenses but it was yet another conspiracy theory that he could not prove. Anevia became more worried for her wife knowing that these cultists may be involved with the attack on the surface by the demon horde. 

Eager to leave the tunnels, the partycontinued with
in the "conga line" and made it to the home of the mongrelmen home NeathholmThe city was built on small island in the middle of a dark lake with a soft glow of light illuminating the cavern from luminescent fungus that hung everywhere. Lann introduced them to Chief Sull who thanked them for saving one of their citizens and offered a proposal to the party. If they would clear the way ahead of cultists which had established their camp along the way to the surface, they would promise their aid on the surface to clear Kenabres of the demon presence. The wise woman of the tribe tried to argue with the chief, but thanks to the thoughtful words from members of the party Sull still stood by his original offer.

The party bartered with the local trader and 
were deciding whether or not to rest before continuing on to the surface…. 

Session 6: Smells like... trouble
Rest in peace Kaey and his magical orange

After recuperating from their trek through the Kenabres underground and escape finally in site, the party followed Lann toward the cultist's cave to clear the way for the citizens of Neathholm to aid the surfacers against the demon threat. While scouting ahead, Balin accidentally kicked a rock into the side of the cave wall bringing guards from behind makeshift barricades lining the entrance of the next set of caverns. The party quickly subdued these two guards and the two that heard their alarm and Balin stabilized them from dying. Lann spit at guard's feet realizing that these were the missing tribe of mongrelman that had apparently sided with the cultists. Lann promised the party that "they would be dealt with swiftly and began hauling their unconscious bodies back toward Neathholm.

Alone with their mission, the party continued forth toward the south to discover the way through to the surface until they were interrupted by a peculiar looking creature that had blue lizard skin with spider legs sprouting from her back. The creature, in a somewhat feminine but raspy voice, asked the party, "Do you follow Baphomet..?" while nocking an arrow and pointing it at Kaey. As Balin began to mouth the words, "No", the creature let the arrow fly and Kaey was rocked back by the arrow's impact. The party managed to quickly subdue the creature and tie her up, but left her unconscious to ask her questions later.

Kaey quaffed a potion to heal himself and continued to scout ahead on the rest of the cave until they came upon a large double door. Checking for traps and locks, Kaey opened the doors and found a refuse pit that emanated a smell most foul and step inside  the dark room to investigate. Kaey's footing was soon lost as his next step did not find purchase on the ground and he slide down a 30 degree decline into a pile of garbage with his torch flying from his hand. Smoke quickly filled the room and shouts of alarm quickly made it apparent that Kaey had accidentally lit the garbage pile on fire and it would soon rage out of control and consume him. During his struggle to be free, Kaey managed to disturb the pit's only resident, a giant amoeba, adding insult to injury. Bardas sprang into action and leaped into the pit followed by Balin trying to assist as well while Daven ran back to the creature they had tied up earlier and recovered the rope to assist his companions.

Although the party tried valiantly to save their companion's life, the fire finally consumed Kaey and the party was forced to evacuate the pit. The session ended as the party mourned their lost comrade in arms…

Session 7: Stranger Danger
Meet Glim the Baker, Demon infiltrator and rogue at your service.

The party continued deeper into the cultists' lair finding more mongrelmen traitors along the way. Reaching a large dining room, two mongrelmen were startled from their chairs and attacked the party. Appearing from the shadows deeper in the cave, a dashing, young gentleman slashed down one of the mongrelmen and called for help from the rest of the party to take down the other traitor. The stranger claimed to be a spy trying to undermine the cultists' efforts in Kenabres and had followed them down to these caves a few weeks ago as one of cultist leader's elite guard. 

Hosilla, the cultist leader, seemed to be involved with the demon attack that rocked Kenabres and sent the party hurtling into the underground but he hasn't discerned their true motives. Seeing a way out of the caves and back to the surface, the stranger said he would help the party subdue Hosilla and get them back to the surface. Their new ally, introduced as Glim, was able to talk the other guard out of her quarters and was immediately pounced upon by the rest of the party. As the guard fell to the overwhelming numbers, he called out as loud as he could to warn his charge, "HOSILLA RUN!!!"

Chanting from deep within the large cavern that served as her quarters,
Hosilla prepared herself to end anyone that stepped through the door unbeknowst to the party. Hearing this magical chanting, the party delayed in indecision until it was clear that Glim wasn't also going to be able to lure her out as well. Daven charged in with his crossbow ready and was surprised to find a magical glaive flying through the air and driving into his shoulder. With death close for Daven, the rest of the party reacted to the situation by taking down Hosilla quickly and tied her up for future questioning.

On her person, they found orders from someone named S.V. which read as follows:

A sword was found in a sword case nearby which the party identified as a +1 Cold Iron Longsword, which Bardas took for himself. "Was this
Yaniel's sword?" thought the party as it became obvious that nothing else was in the room. Strapped to Bardas' back, the unconscious Hosilla went with the party back toward the surface under the direction of their new ally, Glim…

Session 8: Shit just got real...
Take away a man's one true love, you've truly given him nothing left to lose.

With their new found ally and his knowledge of this underground, the party quickly made their way back to the surface forgoing several areas of cavern and choosing to go directly to the exit. Mongrelmen that were in the adventurer's path quickly surrendered their weapons and ran back toward Neatholm upon seeing the unconscious Hosilla strapped to Bardas' back. The cavern slowly turned  from primitive rock face to chiseled stone and they soon found themselves in a broken, ancient sewer possibly from earlier in Kenabres' construction.

A maze of broken sewer pipes and viscous liquids greeted the party along with some ungodly smells that made them question their choice of route,
however the party could almost smell the fresh air up ahead and continued on. Turning the corner in the maze, the party was set upon by a bloated creature with clawed hands which Bardas recognized as some sort of demon. They had made their home in a giant pile of feces and excrement from unknown animals and they seemed to glide across the shit covered floors with ease while Balin and Bardas were slipping and struggling to not fall in the foul mess.

Bardas with his new blade obtained from
Hosilla's quarters quickly destroyed the demons, but not before covering his entire person in the most foul-smelling substance ever encountered in his recent memory. The party continued through the sewer system and emerged somewhere south in the city of Kenabres and were greeted with a nightmare scenario. The familiar skyline of Kenabres had been ravaged and the distant screams of the demon's victims could be heard for miles. Exiting the sewer grate near a stable house, they came upon several mercenaries drinking themselves to a stupor and the general attitudes of this men led the party to believe that there was no hope left for the city. The party desperately tried to recover their morale, but they seemed to be more interested in drinking then following the newcomers on some suicide mission to meet up with the other crusaders. Horgus, Aneiva, and Aravashnial all suggested what to do next, but the party decided that since Horgus' manor was closest they took him there so they might collect payment for aiding him back home. 

Horgus' manor was largely untouched and there were tracks leading away from a crashed out room in the southwest portion of the first floor, however
Horgus was more interested in getting to his vault on the 2nd floor which contained all his precious posessions and enough foodstuffs to last for weeks. Horgus promised that he would aid the party in the future with supplies and weapons whenever they needed it and handed Bardas a large bag of gold as payment for bringing him safely to his manor. Horgus quickly disapppeared to his vault after this and the party continued north toward Anevia's house.Along the way, the party was able to sneak up on a large demon attacking a clothing shop and Bardas with Balin's help was able to quickly destroy the demon with a smiting charge. The owners were grateful for their help and handed them a bag of gold for their troubles and the party continued on their way. 

The party reached a part of the slums that had probably fallen
to disrepair long before the demon attack and found a small framed creature, it's head covered with a cloth sack, knelt in a puddle of blood with three cultists brandishing glaives. Glim was able to guide the party without alerting the cultists and they creeped toward the scene in order to help the creature about to take part in some bizarre ritual. One of the cultists muttered some chant and pulled the hood from the creature and revealed a very bloody and injured Amelia, Bardas' fiance that had seperated from him during the demon's attack.

Bardas, screaming with rage, charged toward the cultists and took one down without effort. Glim and Balin were able to take down the 2nd one as well, however the third cultist in a deranged state would not allow the ritual to be stopped and his glaive came down swiftly and beheaded Amelia right before Bardas' eyes. Bardas sliced his stomach open and watched him bleed to death, rage filling him at the sudden loss of his beloved…

Session Log 9: Binding Ritual interrupted
We need to stop being murder hobos

Bardas looked down at the lifeless body of his beloved and had to look away while Balin was able to stabilize the man that Bardas almost killed. Balin was able to find some tarpaulin among the debris in the alley and carefully rolled Amelia's lifeless body and stood before the scene dumbfounded as much as Bardas. Without a word, Bardas decided to build a funeral pyre then and there so they could continue on (as she would have wanted.) With a prayer to Iomedae and several minutes of silence, they left the pyre to burn to send Amelia on her way to the afterlife to join her goddess.

The party continued next to the closet location they knew of, The
Librarium of the Black Wing, where hopefully they could obtain more answers about the demon attack and seek allies among Aravashnial's colleagues. As they approached, they were instead devastated to find that the Librarium had been almost completely destroyed and a solitary building still stood amongst the rubble fairly intact in comparison to the rest of the damage the facility received. Finding the door to the building slightly ajar, the party carefully made their way inside and were greeted to a loud voice shouting, "Pile the books higher, I want to see this place go down in a blaze of glory!" The party inched forward and found two tieflings and a crusader about to light a group of innocents on fire with their own books and scrolls piling toward the ceiling. Glim decided to interject on this note with a quick slice to the nearest tiefling's back, knocking him out, followed by Balin making quick work of the crusader's other accomplish. Bardas was able to scare the crusader into submission who introduced himself as Chaleb, a cavalier devoted to the Order of the Flaming Lance.

Chaleb told the party, after some "encouragement", that the librarians had been attacked by a hooded man named Xanthir Vang and told them to search in one of the hidden rooms in this building. After searching for this hidden room, the party ventured into a small basement that had been stripped bare of anything valuable and a dead half-elf woman lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the floor. The party recognized her as Miammir, one of the lieutenants of the Order of the Flaming Lance, as well as several dead worm-like creatures next to her body. If something had killed her, it was gone now.

Returning to the upper floor, Aravashnial decided that to let the party know that he was a Riftwarden (possibly the last as far as he knew) and that room was one of their secret caches that housed weapons of terrible power. Decidedly worried, Aravashnial elected to stay with the librarians to try and recover what they could from the surrounding area and look for survivors and that they would wait for word from the party if they could meet them at a safer location. The party reluctantly agreed and began to push on to where the Crusaders may be camped and attempting to retake the city.

While walking through the alleyways of the city, the party came upon a swathe of dead men and women littered about a city square. In the center of the square stood a very beautiful woman with red skin and leathery bat wings, which Glim recognized as a Succubus Demon. She seemed to be trapped within a binding circle that was being cast by a nearby mage, who was deep in concentration on casting whatever magic he was trying to concoct. The party reacted to the situation by slaughtering the wizard down, thinking he may be trying to aid the demon somehow, but only managed to release the succubus from the binding spell. 

Despite the odds, the party was able to send her back to the Abyss with little trouble and the party was left with a mystery they probably wouldn't solve…


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