Dustnite's Wrath of the Righteous

Book 3, Session 2: Onward to the World Wound

Where horrors, secrets and unlikely allies lie

"My children. The World wound beyond Drezen and Kenebres is a strange, terrible and cursed place where Sarkoris folly lies bear. But beyond the horrors, if one with a keen eye knows where to look would come to know it's secrets and sometimes an unlikely ally or two."
-Memoirs of the Great Sage and Eminent Alchemist Willie Nelson

A month had passed is where we last left our heroes. The trial on one of their own had indeed left an uneasy mark among the group especially for Daven. Poor Daven, who struggled in finding his place as he was no longer apart of the army. In his despair, he nearly leaving the group entirely without so much as a notice. Thankfully, Xaremon stopped Daven explaining that the marksmen still had a place in the group and in a sense free from taking orders from Bardas and that Mytho still needs him. Daven realizing of his folly, he decides to stay for the team's sake and sought to strengthen his mind in order to prevent himself from being dominated ever again reconciling with Mytho for nearly abandoning him. 

Many changes had been done for Drezen with news of its liberation and rebuilding spread. Many refugees and those of interest have flocked to this new city protected by the sword of valor further strengthening the city becoming what was once a desolate hopeless place into a growing city of great promise. 

Aravashnial, Mytho and Xaremon worked tirelessly in studying the corruption forge with the help of other assistants and the journal. In the end, Xaremon's assistance in the final rite. At long last, the purifying forge was complete and the group quickly decided that Stoutan's Vane's glaive of Soul Shear shall be an ideal test subject of the purity forge. But the process will take many weeks to be done.

But despite the great progression of the city and no sign of a demon retaliation within the month. Our beloved Knights of Kenebres find that no matter how long they look ahead. The ghosts of their past and sins haunts their every step.

Mytho Sullivan between assisting Aravshanial's efforts, he'd place himself under intense study with few rest on the details the group had gathered and about the Red Viel. Historical documents and evidence point that the Red Viel's magpies that imply that back in Drezen's glory. The Red Viel had held minor influence in the city but it only adds more questions as if how they could leave behind the city and the nature of their disappearance. Aravashnial's study of the stolen notes from Mytho's uncle that they roughly translate a place called The City of Shattered souls. A place somewhere in the north-east but no living soul has ever been to the city and is a place where even demons avoid themselves. Finding the lost location and investigating could find the fate of the Red Viel, most importantly his parent's fate.

Alas the mark on his hand grows ever darker. 

Xaremon worked tirelessly crafting new materials for the group and helping Aravshnial with the study of the forge to trying to understand the conditions of the black lines on Xaremon and Cathran. However on one of his nights in his rare moments of sleep. The tiefling was struck by a vision of a robed familiar woman calling out for help. It was brief but he seen an image of an old church with a bell-tower before the vision and the woman fade away. 

Daven worked tirelessly to train his mind along with the clerics of the citadel for ten days and ten nights. He'd refused to let his weakness ever gain hold over him once more. By the end of those days; Daven came to discover a letter from his estranged father: Sepda Firesbreath, who overheard of his exploits. The letter was an apology for never being their for his son's childhood. Sepda spoke explaining a place of place he had tried to find in his youth but could not nor longer could look into it anymore; a tomb belonging to their family located in a ravine of the worldwound. Perhaps, it will come to better use for Daven than for him. 

Cathran posed herself as a child among the troops under the care of the group until her parents could be found but she was seen assisting Sosiel with the church. She is lost and uncertain of her place among the group as Cathran knew little outside of her secluded life. Cathran is adamant to not join the army even though the party had no such thoughts especially the army are still under the impression that is a mere 13-year-old. But there is slight yearnings to return back to her home village and it grows ever stronger. 

Bardas Syros ever the hard working paladin and commander; he does not rule the city of Drezen but works tirelessly with Arabeth and negotiant with a familiar merchant lord by the name of Horgus. But much still trouble the paladin especially after the encounter with Cassius disturbed of why he was referred as 'Unclean'. So the paladin brought the magus in his office after some tensed moments. Mytho reluctantly explained the nature (But withheld certain details.) before Bardas tried to grab hold of Cassius while holding Radiance. But the moment, he'd touched it. Cassius revealed through a vison and a very dark fate for Bardas, much to Mytho's concerns for the paladin.

Bardas, disturbed quickly dismissed Mytho before being left to his thoughts. 

By month's end, the group has regather together discussing plans with Arabeth for their next move. The orc paladin revealed that while the city has been safe as there has been no signs of demon retaliation as of yet. There has been some activity and concerns in Drezen

  • The river that runs though Drezen has been always dry. There is a way to restore the river which is by removing the dam that blocks the river to the northeast. Destroy the Roche dam and Drezen will have a proper water supply.
  • The Tower of Badun; a great wizard tower belong to an long dead archmage lies in the far north (Possibly the tower is named after him) It has been strangely active as it's fire is seen in the distance but not many scouts could get close. This must be investigated to prevent any demonic forces to take shelter or let any of his research fall into their hands.
  • Rumors of survivors living among the ravine of the Dragon's teeth but we know little of the place but it's suspected to be home of a dragon given it's surname.

The group decided to settle the matters of ensuring the safety and welfare of the city was top priority and it starts with that dam. The group went to gather some supplies even though half of the group already had the means to 'suppress' the need for substance. But Mytho openly admitted he still like to eat now and again having extra food on hand would be helpful. Xaremon, himself suggested buying a carriage with two summoned phantom steeds. One cast by Mytho and himself, so they could ride together though the landscape than buying steeds. Mytho had his doubts if a carriage could even handle the rough terrain of the worldwound. But in the end, Xaremon had got his 'Battle-Wagon' and the group set off into the worldwound leaving Drezen behind for the time being.

Mytho kept watch as the group rode the blasted landscape of the worldwound going westward along the river. Two days of travel, Mytho caught sight of a sight among the ruins of a town. The group naturally investigated the aera finding the strangest sight of a half buried ship made out of bone. But why would a ship, this size be here of all places. So Mytho, Xaremon and Cathe went inside the ship to make sure there is no demons inside as Bardas and Daven kept watch outside. Investigating the ship filled with sand and strange tech of colored bands, buttons and symbols that none had ever seen before, all in seemly in good condition. Xaremon's vast knowledge examined the peices explaining that this is indeed not from this realm and theses strange colorful strands are refered as "Wires'. This leaves both Mytho and Cathe perplexed, none of them had the knowlogde who to work with the complex mechanics of the ship. Yet Mytho was disturbed at the idea of the Worldwound holding more than demonic outsiders. 

But his trail of thought is interrupted when he spot a pair of red eyes in the darkness. Naturally assuming it was a demon; Mytho tried to strike the shadow but missed. A confusion as a bunny hopped out trying to escape before Cathe managed to capture it. The bunny shape shifted again changing into a human child; Xaremon sensed great magic from this stranger. But the shapeshifter spoke in broken tongue and only Cathe's intervention managed to sooth the frightened stranger's fears. Cathe questioned the child on he came across this ship, if he was an inhabitant of the ship. The child's response was he merely been living here holed up to get away from the demon, surviving. In the end, Cathe mangued to coax the shapeshifter to follow them out with food and water which he happily accepted. Although the others declined the offer of a recently slain rat. 

When inquired of the shape shifter's name. They only got a response of "Me is me." which the group decided to go along with the name of "Mee." 

It was ackward to say the least when greeting Bardas and Daven. Me, looked ready to flee again but the group expressed that they are not out to hurt him. They are asking about the demons, they had no reason to hurt Me. So the strange one admitted that he was hiding in this ship because the village was overtaken by 'monsters' forcibly enslaved to do their bidding which was mine strange purple crystals for them. 

Mytho asked if theses invaders if they are demons or tieflings; Me wasn't sure but drew out the creatures of a shovel-headed creature with four arms, nothing Mytho and the others had seen before. But it was clear that theses beings were forcing Me's family and the entire village to mine Nahyndrian Crystals. But yet, Me seem to be hiding something. Yet the call of action could not be ignored espically this setup is close to Drezen. If Me was hiding anything, they were ready for any sense of trickery. The group agreed to help Me save his village and route out theses entities. 

So the group went following Me until the land became to slowly change from desert dunes into signs of life among the rocks into a forest path. They came across the remains of Me's people stacked on the path as a warning which were infact goblins, Me began to undo the stakes unwittingly revealing himself as a smaller than average goblin. This was a suprise to the group, as Me was frightened to see his disguised revealed. In a way, the group found demons more of a threat than goblins having dealt with them on a daily basis. They reassured Me that they will not harm him even as if he was a goblin. They got bigger fish to dry after all. 

So the ground moved further ahead to a wooden fort; they managed to stealth despite their poor luck. Xaremon's invisibility sphere helped the group to maneuver though the guarded tunnels following the shape shifter Me. They discovered theses strange alien beings guarding the place unlike any demon or any planar outsider had ever seen. But they had some close calls like when Me in his cat form was captured before Daven stepped in shooting the alien but found they were protected by a strange shield which blocked the attack but a second strike



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