Dustnite's Wrath of the Righteous

Book 3, Session 1: The Trial of Daven Firesbreath

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"Alas poor Daven Firesbreath, his trials in Drezen after so much hardship of domination and his deafness at the hands of the demons. Now he finds himself at the mercy of the law of the crusade."

-Willie Nelson

After the trials and tribulations, the group left the cathedral with their prisoner and Aron Kir in tow. However, much to the disagreement to the party. Bardas had quickly ordered Daven to be arrested which the archor gave little resistance but Mytho was most troubled helplessly watching Daven to be taken away by the guards. Aron kir was traumatized by the events of his possession and imprisonment but was put under the care of Sosiel as the tiefling was placed to be imprisoned in a separate cell. The army had lost much in the conflict but in the end they won the city and reclaimed the sword of valor. 

Thus much work had to be done for the dead and the repairs of the city over the week. But preparations of the upcoming trial was also underway. Mytho feared the worse of the possiblity of Daven getting the captial punishment and did his best to be there for Daven as he sat by Daven's cell. Xaremon was asked to be Daven's defense given his skill and knowledge. Cathran was clearly a fish out of water and kept to herself but silently blamed herself for Daven's situation, she had no resentment towards him. Daven was by far the worse off as if his spirit was crushed and ashamed of what he did to the others espically Mytho. 

Bardas, himself had arranged for a fair trial assigning a neutral party member of Stg Kamilo to be the processcutor. Arabeth shall be the jugde in the trial of Daven Firesbreath. The evening was held in a secured tent of a jury of soliders, Arabeth, Anevia, Kamilo and the party were among the trial as the accused was led in. 

"Daven Firesbreath, you are accused insubordination, Dereliction and two accounts of attempted murder of a child and a POW. How do you plea?"

Daven stood stoically answering to Arabeth: "Not gulity." 

Thus began a long and tensed trial. Kamilo's argument was that Daven was susceptible to the will of demons and would soon betray the party again against his will and for that reason he couldn't be trusted. Xaremon argued that the party had indeed suffered their own trouble that contributed to Daven's stress which lead to his mental vurlnablity. The group were also as equally susceptible to charm and possession as Daven had been as referenced Mytho admitting to the stand of his close encounter with the shadow demon. In the end, Xaremon put up a good talk but paled to Bardas's presence. However, Irabeth as judge decided that the evidence for this was circumstantial and only accepted the insubordination charge thus she announced for Daven to be stripped of rank and removed from the army.

This was bittersweet as Daven, while spared from capital punishment. The archer was relieved yet he was stripped of his sense of purpose. But only time will tell for now. But despite the words of encouragement; Daven vowed to himself to never again let the demons ruin his mind again. 


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