Dustnite's Wrath of the Righteous

Book 2- The Sword of Valor (WIP)

Work in progress

Welcome my dear children; it has been quite some time. Now come close and sit around the fire with your mead in hand. Let good 
ol’ Willie Nelson tell you another tale of the heroes of the fifth Crusade. 

Oh there in the city, once holy and grand.
Now besieged by demon and evil's hand.
The cries of innocents and heroes alike fell throughout the land
Oh Kenebres, she was doomed to die
But in response to injustice and hate
Five Heroes had indeed changed the course of fate.

What began as a motley band of five
Now thrived as mythic heroes of lore
Each hero had their stories and woe
All the while trapped in a war of demonic foes…

Bardas Syros: A paladin of our shining lady and heir to the legacy of Yaniel and the sword Radiance. Not even the grasp of death could sway Bardas yet the hardship of living, the loss of his one and only. Bardas wears his glory and sorrow with pride such as the way of the paladin.  

Daven Firesbreath: Shy, timid if somewhat a bumbling fool of an archor. Tragedy was his life but his heart is pure as snow. He'd struggling to find his place and.. with his shot. Daven’s persistence paid off becoming a deadly marksman outwitting the purifier at his own game and becoming the Purifier slayer. But one of his greatest deed's was inspiring the hope of a lost elf.

Balin Gorinsson: A dwarven inquisitor of Shaylin. Strange but good of heart, who saw the beauty in others, his heart was cold and heart but for it was made out of gold. He strikes down who bore the ugliness of evil with Shaylin’s promise. 

Glim Pemby: The infamous baker, A man of many faces, sliver of tongue and breaker of hearts. This local thief was brutal as he was finesse wielding his twin sickles like an artist. He leaves little but a simple muffin behind as his calling call with death in his wake. 

Mytho Sullivan: Last but not least, this elven magus wielding a mysterious black blade. This opportunistic renegade betrayed the cult of Deskari to escape from their grasp.The death of a city meant little to him for the sake of personal freedom. But the friendship and kindness by a mere human had been enough for pause.


We begin our tale in the aftermath of Kenebres and the remaining crusader's were delivered from the most miserable of fates. But much has been lost at the Grey Garrison as the wardstones that once served as the city's protection had lost their power to hold the tide of the Worldwound back. Yet the death of the wardstones for it had given birth to a power greater than any force known to man upon our heroes.

Thus within a few days came Queen Galfrey; the face of hope and head of the Crusaders arrived in Kenebres and by her side were her agents and reinforcements. An eccentric tiefling by the name of Xaremon and Nera, a halfling bard. The Queen addressed the heroes in private at the Defender's Heart.  In light of events and with the now inert wardstone was the loss of the great barrier that prevents the spread of the Worldwound. But it was the price to pay to prevent a greater tragedy as it also left behind five heroes bearing its powers. 

Queen Galfery announces that the fifth crusaders dubbing the group as "The Knights of Kenebres." to be at the helm to counterattack against the demon forces. They were tasked in retrieving the "Sword of Valor' and reclaim the city of Drezen with a force of 100 soldiers. A once great city brought to ruin by a misguided traitorous dwarf paladin by the name of 'Stanton Vaine.". Bardas was named Commander of the army in turn naming Daven Firesbreath as second in command along with a new ally of Xaremon, a tiefling investigator. Other newcomers was Sosiel, a cleric of Shaylin and a.. strange exhausted rogue by the name of Aron Kir. Sadly Glim was to be sent on a more personal mission but departed on friendly terms leaving behind  his signature muffin.

Thus the knights of Kenebres traveled into the lands beyond the safety of the city. But their journey was less than simple; they were constantly beset by threats of enemy armies. They can defend themselves but they were not prepared for the subtle treachery from behind the scenes to those of their own. 

Xaremon had his suspicions but had little to no proof but something was going on. 

Things worsen when they came to the canyon. The group cautioned carefully in exploring the place but they were harassed by the enemy arrows using the higher ground to their advantage. They fought but many had got away but tensions in the group turn for the worse when exploring a cave housing a great and terrible Demon Retriever spurred by the curiosity of the magus. After a difficult battle; the paladin Bardas lashed out on Mytho accusing the former cultist of treachery. 


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